Casta Diva Group (CDG: AIM), a multinational leader in the communication sector, continues its success into the new year by presenting at the Monaco Growth Forums Winter Blockchain Edition. Held from January 29th-31st, the Edition will take place in Milan and Monaco with a kick-off reception at the Blue Note Milano Jazz Club and Restaurant, Casta Diva’s exciting live music and entertainment venue in Milan.

After successfully acquiring Monaco Growth Forums by Andreea Porcelli (MGF) at the end of 2017, the two companies formed Casta Diva Finance Events Srl, making MGF the only 360 Degree PR and Communication Group focusing on the Blockchain Sector in 14 financial centers.

In turn, Casta Diva has entered the financial events sector while MGF is able to take its promotion of Blockchain companies globally thanks to Casta Diva’s presence on 4 continents including offices in 14 key cities around the world.

About Casta Diva Group (CDG: AIM)
As an award-winning company in the field of branded content and commercial production, event organization and live entertainment,the Casta Diva Group includes such stand-out brands as Casta Diva Pictures, Casta Diva Events, Blue Note Milano, Blue Note Off and Monaco Growth Forums along with creative communication strategy development for over a hundred major brands.

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